Nancy Isime, an actress and fitness enthusiast, sparked outrage on Twitter after posting photos of her new massive backside during a gym session.

The Edo actress shared several photos of herself posing from various angles, flaunting her butt, and many Nigerians reacted to the new backside on Twitter.

One Tommy wrote “Nancy Isime doing BBL is the height of greediness. You can’t tell me nothing.”

One Agbo wrote “People all over the world have come to love Nancy Isime over the years, because of her talents on screen. It will be hard for the same people to drag ha if she goes out of line. I will not drag her, but honestly speaking her ASS no fine again. No disrespect”

One Queen wrote “Nancy Isime had a very perfect body and she had to ruin it with BBL??? Why??? Peer pressure?? Baby girl why??”

One Teegee wrote “Nancy isime just wasn’t proud of what we were all admiring”

One Buchi wrote “So Nancy Isime still had to do another extra BBL. My love for her has officially reduced. Don’t know why these women cannot just stay natural.”

One Cheff wrote “Why is Nancy Isime destroying her already beautiful shape with an obsession for bigger butts”

One Martin wrote “Nancy Isime doing a butt augmentation just proves one thing “women are the most insecure being on the planet””


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