What the police do for a robber can do for an intruder who attacks a bank – Nigerian Police

The Nigerian Police has said that a robber is anyone who attacks a bank, an ATM machine, and the way the law enforcement is dealing with robbers is that they will deal with anyone

who wears a mask to attack a bank or an ATM machine. The head of the Nigerian Police Service, Olumuyiwa Adejbi, said this in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

Alukoro of the police agency made this statement on the news that robbers are attacking banks and ATM machines in some areas across Nigeria.

“People should be reminded that anyone who attacks a bank, an ATM machine, is a robber, and if they confront the robber, they will be confronted.”

You have a great sense of humor and ignorance is making many people of this country on the ground where the freebies come to.
The intruders who attack the bank, ATM, this is what the law requires the police to do for them.

The Nigerian police chief is surprised that some people, which did not leave the students alone, are criticizing the police chief on how the police shot dead the attackers who attacked the CBN branch in the city. Benin.

“If you are caught by the law or if you are caught in the jurisdiction of the CBN joint bank with the intention and attack him, the police have the authority and power to attack such person with any means they see fit, especially if they find that such person there is a fight going on.

He urges all those entering to see that they are doing everything they are doing correctly and appropriately.

The head of the Nigerian Police, Omoba Muyiwa Adejhobi, in the view of the law enforcement officers, shows that many people who are entering the cities around the country due to this large amount of naira are doing so because they can steal something or use violence to steal what is not theirs. .

He said these people are throwing mud at those who are actually doing the crossing.


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