Nigerian activist, Adetoun Onajobi has called out Lagos State PDP Gubernatorial candidate, Dr Azeez Olajide Adediran better known as Jandor for being a woman beater.

Ahead of the gubernatorial election on Saturday, Adetoun has laid strong allegations on him.

The social media activist has accused him of being a rapist and a woman beater.

She claimed that the politician physically assaulted her years back and she only opened up to his elder brother a year ago. She also claimed that Jandor is arrogant and doesn’t listen to anyone.

Advising her fans and followers not to pity her, she told them to allow her fight her battle against him.

Adetoun further dared him to debunk her allegations.

“You are arrogant, you can’t even listen..all you do is beat women or have you not beaten me before. Even your brother, Baba Ashabi I didn’t tell him anything until last year. If you are supporting PDP people, withdraw your vote or you would waste it at the polling unit”, she said in the video.

Adetoun captioned her video with, “You are a rapist.
I dare u to come out.
Pls no one should pity me ooo. Let me fight out myself I am capable”.


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