Notable talent manager, Ubi Franklin, reacts following the backlash that trailed the tattoo of Davido’s late son’s nickname on his hand.

Ubi Franklin had caused a stir across the social media space after inking the tattoo of Davido’s late son’s nickname on his hand.

Many argued that Ubi Franklin was overdoing his ‘nanny’ position to the late three-year-old boy.

In reaction to the unending backlash, the music executive penned a note to naysayers on how their opinion is irrelevant.

In a lengthy note, he wrote;

“Opinionated people: They have little awareness of how they’re coming off or how others are emotionally reacting to them.

Often they have the best of intentions to help whomever they’re speaking to and can’t understand why the other person isn’t happy to hear what they have to say.

Keep your opinions to yourself, I don’t care how anyone feels about how I have decided to live my life. Just focus on you and leave I and those I have decided to love out.

Beacuse we are very pretentious about showing real love, when we see real love we call it clout.”


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