“I had a lot in me that I needed to vent out” Sandra Iheuwa tenders apology

Sandra Iheuwa, the estranged wife of Royals hairs boss, Steve Thompson has tendered an apology to the public.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of four apologised to the public for her behavior.

She stated that she had been holding up issues about her and her ex since Dec, 2021 and needed to pour it out.

Sandra, further stated that she had a lot that she needed to vent out.

“Good morning everyone I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday I had a lot in me that I needed to vent out…. I’ve been holding these since Dec 2021 and now I feel very light.

I apologize to my family, close friends and lawyers for expressing my pain publicly, henceforth everything will be dealt with privately and legally.

And to the witch (yes I know it’s a woman) from the hospital I was admitted in going to the blogger Gist Monster blog to give her lies on her dm to post in her story to bring a woman like yourself down. May the pain of the world be yours, you will never know what happiness feels.like because I believe you don’t know me or my life but choose to be wicked to send a blogger untrue things about me and for the faceless corward blogger since you want to fight a woman that did absolutely nothing to you. My pain will be your pain, may sorrow never leave you as you try to paint me to be what I am not. Posting things without concrete proofs. My God will deal with it. I will continue to be successful and strong and it will continue to pain you.

Thanks to everyone for your support I appreciate it and like I mention Peace is all I seek”.


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