Mercy Eke took to her social media to address the rumors that she was in a relationship with celebrity car dealer IVD who recently lost his wife to what reports are calling a case of domestic violence.

“My name has been tarnished for the longest time, this is the first and last time I’m going to address this. The reason I’m addressing this blatant lie is because of the late wife Mrs. Bimbo. These are pieces of evidence and receipts showing that I have nothing other than business transactions with IVD!!!”Mercy posted.

Mercy posted the receipt of the 39 million naira she paid for the Range Rover she bought in September 2021 to celebrate her birthday. According to Mercy, the car has been giving her multiple issues since she purchased it with IVD constantly promising to fix the car.

Mercy stated that she has suffered embarrassment due to the poor state of the car and she wants a refund of the 39 million naira she paid for the car.


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