Cross-dresser Bobrisky has slammed his former protege, Lord Casted, over claims of contracting HIV after drawing a tattoo with his name.

Lord Casted had in a viral video, alleged that he was abandoned by Bobrisky even after contracting HIV from drawing a tattoo with his name.

Reacting to the claim, the crossdresser accused Lord Casted of lying. Bobrisky who further insinuated that his former protege never uses condom during sex, also recalled how Lord Casted insulted him after helping him in the past.

Bobrisky wrote;

“If there’s one thing I wish or want to erase, it’s helping ungrateful people. Lord Casted or whatever your name is, stop calling my name in your videos. I remember the last time I have you money, you rained insult on me and called me fake.

“If you truly need help, stop taking drugs. Lastly stop lying to everyone that you got illness from tattoo. When you were enjoying it raw, I dey help you enjoy am?”


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