Multi-talented Nollywood artiste and music producer, Abdulrasheed Bello, otherwise addressed as JJC Skillz, has shared a powerful message online.

JJC Skillz shared a message on the test of Almighty God, who tests his creations to know their gratitude, perseverance, patience, faith and obedience.

The father of five prayed that God would grant the spirit and desire to attain his grace.

He wrote, “Every Situation is a test from Almighty Allah. In prosperity, he tests our gratitude.

“In poverty, he tests our contentment. In difficulties, he tests our perseverance. Delay in granting our request tests our patience. In trials, he tests our faith and obedience.

“May Allah Grant us the Spirit and Desire to Attain His Grace, Ameen. May the Merciful Allah Forgive Our Shortcomings and Accept Our Prayers, Ameen. Jumaat MUBARAK”


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