Conflict broke out in Sango, Ogun state and Mile 12, Ikorodu, Oke koto Agege

Open fighting and protests have also broken out in different parts of Lagos and Ogun states.

This is happening because of the value of the Naira currency that is affecting the whole of Nigeria.

This morning, journalists gathered news that people have disturbed the streets in areas such as Mile 12, Ketu, Ojota, Okekoto Agege in Lagos.

The news that came to us said that there are people in the street and they are attacking the drivers so much that the drivers are telling each other to turn their way to another place.

It is reported that people are hearing gunshots in some areas but we have not been able to confirm it.

What did the Lagos State Police say?

Well, the Ekom state police chief, Benjamin Hundeyin, has confirmed the incident at Mile 12, but the police have been sent there to investigate the incident.

Hundeyin posted this on his Twitter account just as people are spreading his name through the memes and pictures that are being shared online.

He replied that “it is true. Our Beings are there. We have sent a female supervisor there. See that you are in a feminine position as we are taking care of each other and reducing the incident.”


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