The detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has sued the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ahmed Rufai Abubakar over his role in the eight days of his ‘false imprisonment’ in Kenya.


Kanu filed the suit at the Abia State High Court in Umuahia.

Kanu is seeking among others N20 billion in compensation for general and exemplary damages for the violation of his rights.


Kanu’s special counsel, Alloy Ejimakor who filed the suit on Wednesday, November 23, told SaharaReporters that newly discovered evidence implicating Mr. Abubakar beyond the infamous extraordinary rendition prompted the legal action.


Of all the several suits that have emanated from the rendition of Kanu, Ejimakor said “this is the first against Ahmed Abubakar, either in his personal or official capacity.”


In the suit, a copy of which was made available to SaharaReporters, Ejimakor stated that the false imprisonment of the Claimant (Kanu) was without his consent; adding that the Kenyan government has publicly and categorically denied any role in the arrest and imprisonment of the Claimant in Kenya.


He cited the judgement of the Federal High Court of October 26, 2022, in a fundamental rights suit brought by the Claimant against the Federal Republic of Nigeria and others, which had ruled, “I declare that the manner of arrest and detention of the Applicant in Kenya, his continued detention in Abuja, his subjection to physical and mental trauma by the Respondents, the inhuman and degrading treatment meted out to the Applicant amounts to a brazen violation of the Applicant’s fundamental right to dignity of his person and threat to life under Section 34 (1)(a) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).”


He noted that the “Claimant hereby pleads this Judgment Order and the Judgment and shall rely on same at the trial of this suit. See Annexures 4 and 5.


“By virtue of his public office, the Defendant has a public duty to act in good faith, not to abuse his public office and to ensure that the arrest and imprisonment of the Claimant in Kenya was conducted in accordance with law.


“By falsely arresting and imprisoning the Claimant in Kenya, the Defendant breached his statutory duty requiring him to arrest and/or imprison the Claimant in Kenya only in accordance with law.


“The said false arrest and false imprisonment of the Claimant has been condemned by the United Nations Human Rights Council, which through its Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, rendered a binding Opinion directing Defendant’s employer (the Federal Republic of Nigeria) to release the Claimant unconditionally and accord him the opportunity of seeking compensation/reparations. See Annexure 6, which is hereby pleaded as a document the Claimant shall rely on at the trial of this suit and from which the following material Paragraphs have been culled in seriatim.”


The IPOB leader in the suit marked No: HU/293/2022 is seeking among others the following reliefs:


“A DECLARATION of this Honorable Court that the Defendant’s arrest of the Claimant and his imprisonment of the Claimant at said location in Nairobi, Kenya false amounted to false arrest and false imprisonment.


“A DECLARATION of this Honorable Court that the Defendant acted in bad faith and/or abused his public office in falsely imprisoning the Claimant at the said location in Kenya.


“AN ORDER of this Honorable Court directing the Defendant to pay to the Claimant the sum of N20,000,000,000.00 (Twenty Billion Naira only) being general and exemplary damages.


“AN ORDER of this Honorable Court directing the Defendant to write and deliver to the Claimant, an unreserved personal letter of apology. The letter of apology shall be prominently and boldly published full-page in two Nigerian Newspapers of national circulation, namely: Guardian Newspaper and Sun Newspaper.


“AN ORDER of this Honorable Court directing the Defendants to pay the cost of this Suit.


“AND SUCH FURTHER ORDER(S) as this Honourable Court may deem fit and expedient to make in the circumstance.”




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